Standard Production Plant (SPP)

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Standard Production Plant (SPP)

The approved “Standard Production Plant” (SPP) is the IKA solution for the production of emulsions and suspensions in many areas of application. Depending on its execution, the Standard Production Plant can be used for cosmetic creams and lotions, for mayonnaise or dressings in the food industry as well as for suspensions and emulsions in the chemical industry or for production of paints and lacquers. This vacuum kettle design is a well suited alternative to Dual Shaft Mixers and Triple Shaft Mixers.

The SPP is an innovative and highly advanced, but cost effective mixing plant used for all standard process operations like mixing, stirring, homogenizing and dispersing. Due to its simple design, it allows easy operation and guarantees a constant mixing quality. Options like vacuum de-gassing, double jacket for heating or cooling and ports for the additive incorporation and sampling makes the SPP an ideal machine for the complete product manufacturing sequence.

Due to its unique vessel geometry and integrated tilting mechanism, the SPP has the advantage of unlimited access to the internals and very low installation height. Concentration on the major process requirements enables easy access for all maintenance work or visual checks with a minimum space requirement.

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The DBI 2000 is the heart of the Standard Production Plant. Its innovative design ensures quicker processing times and optimum dispersing quality over an extremely wide range of viscosities (e.g. up to approx. 100 Pas without additional pump). The unique and patented IKA DBI 2000 involves a two-stage operation:

  • The first stage has a pecially designed pump rotor with high circulation performance that creates   turbulence in the vessel for   the blending and mixing purposes as well as sufficient pressure  and throughput for CIP cleaning of the system.
  • The second stage is equipped with a high shear rotor-stator system that ensures dispersions with narrow particle size distribution and consequently long-term stability. The design of the  DBI and its outstanding flow rate creates a local vacuum in the   dispersing chamber, which results in reliable inline feeding of the  product components to the batch volume directly at the dispersing  stage.

Depending on the process requirements, an integrated valve allows the product either to be pumped without shear through the first stage only or to be processed and dispersed in the second stage.

The patented two-stage design allows the DBI 2000 to be mounted onto the SPP in such a manner that the product is transferred through either one or both of its stages. Due to the negative pressure produced by the DBI 2000, between the first and second stage, powders or liquids are incorporated (via separate addition ports) directly into the dispersing stage without the aid of a vacuum pump. This method of addition insures immediate dispersion of difficult to wet powder, greatly reducing the formation of agglomerations.

Flow paths on the re-circulation loop provide the means to vary batch volumes and discharge from the pump stage or dispersing stage.

As an alternative high shear dispersing can be achieved by incorporating the economic ULTRA-TURRAX UTL 1000 series single stage homogenizer in the circulation line. For more complex applications, and especially for additions directly at the dispersing stage, the highly-sophisticated multi-functional two-stage mixing and dispersing machine type DBI 2000 should be selected. The DBI 2000 is directly mounted to the bottom outlet of the vessel.

The SPP is equipped with an anchor stirrer and flow breaker, suitable for viscosities up to approx. 100 Pas. A minimum of three spray nozzles ensures thorough cleaning without dead spots or shadow areas. Sufficent pressure and throughput to feed the spray nozzles is created by the dispersing machine DBI 2000. Ther is no need for an additional

Advantages of the Standard Production Plant SPP:

  •  Cost effective mixing plant
  • Highly customizable from simple to sophisticated configuration
  • Viscosity range from water to paste level (approx. 100 Pas) without additional pump
  • Feeding of solid or liquid additives without additional vacuum
  • Formation of lumps is avoided by direct feeding of the additives into the dispersing chamber
  • Treatment of smallest quantities from 30% – 100% of the maximum working volume
  • Separated circulation loop (short/long) for minimizing of gas entry and loss of material
  • CIP-cleaning without additional pump
  •  Exchangeable dispersing tools
  • Speed control for adjustable mixing and dispersing quality
  • Low maintenance
  •  The complete plant can be sterilized with steam (SIP)
  • Direct steam injection is optionally available
  • The complete plant can also be supplied in ex-protected execution

The Standard Production Plant SPP series comes in 8 sizes ranging from 25 to 4,000 liters production volume.

Useful volume max.
Total power consumption (approx.)
Max. total flow rate dispersing
Construction height with open cover
Data Sheet Drawing
SPP 25 25 4.5 2000 1481
SPP 50 50 5 2000 1694
SPP 100 100 8.5 5200 1998
SPP 250 250 9 5200 2462
SPP 500 500 24 18500 3167
SPP 1000 1000 25 18500 3756
SPP 2000 2000 49 20000 4549
SPP 4000 4000 55 20000 5689


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