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magic PLANT | The most versatile laboratory reactor

The magic PLANT is an ideal laboratory scale process plant used for batch mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, and forming ­sample suspensions for capacities up to 2 liters. Whether it is involved with the ­manufacturing of liquids, pastes or powders – the magic PLANT delivers, enabling a seamless transition from product development to full production.

magic PLANT | basic

The magic PLANT basic can be used for a wide range of applications. The individual components of the product are brought together in the 2L vessel where they are mixed. Depending on quantity and requirements; the different components are added to the mixing process via the opened lid or via a dosing port in the lid. Due to the conical bottom of the vessel, it is possible to treat even the
smallest quantities.

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magic PLANT | Inline

The magic PLANT inline is equipped with the IKA® magic LAB®; a modular laboratory mixer with seven different mixing heads. This versatile dispersing machine can be adapted to a variety of applications such as emulsifying, dispersing, milling, particle size reduction, solid-liquid mixing and more. Effective dispersing/homogenizing is accomplished by recirculating the product by means of an external
recirculation loop.

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magic PLANT | Powder

The magic PLANT powder serves for efficient but gentle mixing and drying of all free flowing solids, including products with different bulk densities and particle sizes. Mixing is done by means of a special spiral agitator, intensively mixing the product in radial and tangential directions. The possibility to incline the position of the vessel ensures optimal drying of various humid solids of different free flowing behavior as well as different bulk densities at uniform humidity and temperature distribution in the whole product area.

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magic PLANT Accessories;
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Reliable Scale-up!Standard Production Plant | SPP

For full scale production quantities, we recommend the “Standard Production Plant” (SPP). The SPP is the IKA solution for the production of emulsions and suspensions in many areas of application. Depending on the application, the Standard Production Plant can be used for cosmetic creams and lotions, for mayonnaise or dressings in the food industry, for suspensions and emulsions in the chemical industry or for production of paints and lacquers. This vacuum kettle design is a well suited alternative to Dual Shaft Mixers and Triple Shaft Mixers. In addition, powder/solids incorporation is easily achieved without agglomerations or fisheyes directly at the dispersing stage of the patented dispersing machine, DBI (Direct Batch Inline). The SPP is used for volumes up to 4,000 liters.

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