SPP – The Standard Production Plant


IKA Works – The Standard Production Plant – Versatility in a Small Package

IKA’s “Standard Production Plant” (SPP) provides a complete system solution for an array of applications ranging from the production of emulsions and suspensions in the chemical industry to mayonnaise, sauces and dressings for the food industry. While the SPP is highly customizable, from simple to sophisticated configurations, handling and maintenance remain simple and user friendly. The unit combines high mixing performance with low space requirements.

Features of the SPP include two agitators for an increased homogenizing capacity, even at reduced volumes and high viscosities. The heart of the unit is the patented IKA DBI 2000 (Direct Batch Inline), which is separated into pump and dispersing zones, connected via a membrane valve.

In the new SPP unit, IKA provides a highly versatile and cost effective mixing plant that does not require pumps or other equipment to start production. Ample applications along with simple handling enhance the end-user’s experience.


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