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IKA® process technology offers a vast spectrum of innovative solutions for numerous laboratory and industrial scale applications. From low to extreme high shear mixers, in-line mixers, batch mixers, colloid mills and turnkey systems.
IKA® offers innovative and proven technology that is specifically designed for the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries.

custom1 CMX | Solid-Liquid Mixing in Batch Processes

The IKA CMX 2000 is an inline mixer for rapid and homogeneous incorporation of powders into liquids. The circulation of fluid creates a powerful vacuum in the machine that draws in the powder. This ensures an agglomerate free integration of problematic powders that are not easily incorporated into the liquid phase. The multi-level design also enables a stable level of functionality even when working with high viscosities. Specific tools can be used to achieve the optimum dispersing quality.

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CMX | Vacuum feed

The magic PLANT is an ideal laboratory scale process plant. This system is used for batch mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, and forming sample suspensions for capacities up to 2 liters. Whether it is involved with the manufacturing of liquids, pastes or powders – the magic PLANT delivers, enabling a seamless transition from product development to full production, a proven concept for selecting industrial mixers and mixing equipment.


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custom1 CMX | Solids incorporation in recirculation

The CMX is commonly used in a recirculation process. An appropriate quantity of solids is incorporated into a fixed volume of liquid using the inline device. The CMX offers a simple, functional and cost-efficient method of incorporating solids into liquids, without the need for additional powder dosing systems or pumps. In a highly efficient inline process, small volumes of powder are dispersed into a highly turbulent area free of agglomerates.

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More Solid-Liquid Mixing Technology


Watch the CMX Video here IKA introduces a unique approach to showcase the „Process Technology” product line with a creative marketing concept. IKA goes beyond traditional concepts and exploits the strength of combined content and graphics. The new SPP brochure has an elegant look with a refined concept, a catchy design, and a more detailed content.
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