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3-A CIP Certificate /// Clean in place

Industries and applications

  1. > ensures that all product sufraces can be mechanically cleaned or dismantled easily
  2. > approved by an independent corporation dedicated to advancing hygienic equipment
  3. > designed for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries
  4. > promoting food safety and public health
  5. > verified by objective, independent third-party professional
High Shear Mixer/// IKA Ultra Turrax (UTL)

various sizes 5 GPM to 1600 GPM Single stage High Shear dispersing machine, IKA Ultra Turrax (UTL) with optional rotor/stator configuration. Suitable from pre-crushing of coarse-grained suspensions to micro emulsions
Multiple Stage homogenizer/// IKA Dispax Reactor (DR)

various sizes 5 GPM to 1600 GPM
Three Stage Ultra Shear homogenizing machine, IKA Dispax Reactor (DR) with three sets of rotor/stator can be arranged in series for optimum performance and functionality, and to meet the needs of most applications. Suitable for micro emulsions and suspensions.

UTLSold-Liquid Disperser/// IKA Mixing-Homogenizing-Dispersing (MHD)

various sizes 2 GPM to 175 GPM Solid-Liquid dispersing machine, IKA Mixing-Homogenizing-Dispersing (MHD). It can run in continous or recirculation mode and offers the greatest flexibility in production and maximum product consistency. Solids and liquids are instantaneously mixed and dispersed in one step.Suitable for micro emulsions and suspensions.

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IKA Works Newsletter – 3-A CIP – 04/2017


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