Suspending – Wet Milling (Solid-Liquid)

Suspending is dispersing of solid particles in a liquid. It is often desirable to reduce the particle size of the solids in conjunction with dispersing, and this is often referred to as wet milling. With the use of high shear mixers and sufficient energy input, the final product will become homogenized. Below is a list of some typical applications, and which IKA® mixer provides the best solution:

Suspensions are easily accomplished with a Hi-Energy Disperser HED or Shear Pump SP for in-line processes, and the Ultra Turrax for batch or in-line processes. Wet milling requires more energy than suspending, and can vary widely, depending on the product. In order of increasing milling energy, IKA® offers the Ultra Turrax UTL, Dispax Reactor DR, Super Dispax Reactor™ DRS, Colloid Mill MK and the Cone Mill MKO. Batch processing can be accomplished with the Ultra Turrax™.


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