Powder-Liquid Incorporation

Incorporating powders into liquids offers many challenges to processors. The powders may be difficult to wet out, and may produce fish-eyes if not effectively dispersed into the liquid. The powders are often added to a vessel by dumping bags into the top, creating a plume of dust and creating a possible health hazard. Eductors, blenders, and other powder addition equipment will often clog, or not perform as well as desired, or the system is too complex to clean and maintain. IKA® has developed unique, new technology that obsoletes many of these older technologies. IKA® offers a complete line of powder-liquid mixers that offers more solutions than any other mixer manufacturer. Below is a list of some typical applications, and which IKA® mixer provides the best solution:

Cosmetic Applications


Carbopol® (Carbopol® is a registered trademark of Noveon, Inc) is one of the most commonly used carbomers, a family of ingredients used in cosmetics to thicken, suspend, stabilize, and emulsify a wide range of recipes. Carbopol® is a light, dusting powder, which will easily raft (float) on a liquid surface unless substantial agitation is applied. Once incorporated into the liquid, the powder often forms agglomerates or fish-eyes. The final viscosity is also sensitive to pH. Therefore, a base (high pH material) must often be added to achieve the finished viscosity. IKA® Works range of high shear mixers offer cosmetics manufacturers solutions to all the above concerns.


  • Easy incorporation into liquid. IKA® offers multiple mixer designs, both batch and inline, suitable for dispersing Carbopol® . The CMS and MHD mixers allow the powder to be added directly to the liquid stream, without dusting or aeration.
  • Smooth consistent product. The high shear rotor / stator action of an IKA® Works Mixer ensures no agglomerates are present in the final product.
  • Decreased operator input. IKA® Mixers are not as sensitive to rates of ingredient addition as other devices. IKA® Works also offers their customers the option of complete systems with automated powder feed and PLC controls.
  • Decreased raw materials costs. The absence of agglomerates allows processors to avoid filtration and wasted powder. Also, the intimate dispersion achieved with an IKA® Works rotor / stator mixer ensures full hydration of powders and rapid pH adjustment with tight control, avoiding excessive caustic usage.


  • Batch: RT, RKG, MSM, UTC, UTE, UTS
  • Inline: HED, UTL, DR, DRS, CMS, MHD

Xanthan Gum

When adding solids in a batch process, the Rototron RT will quickly incorporate and disperse the solids in the vessel, for higher dispersing energy, the Ultra Turrax is recommended. To process in a re-circulating configuration, the CMS will rapidly wet out and disperse the solids. The CMS can also be used in a continuous system, and will handle large volumes of solids. IKA’s patented MHD is the best choice for continuous processes when aeration must be reduced to a minimum, accurate feed rates are required, or when the viscosity of the liquid is high. The MHD also has the widest variety of mixing tools available, and can provide enough energy to disperse even the most difficult products in one pass. The MHD is the only powder-liquid mixer in the industry that does not require vacuum to incorporate the solids, thus, eliminating the aeration that is inherent in other designs.


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