A dispersion is simply the transport of one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous phase (typically liquid), with which it would normally be immiscible. The fluid is said to be homogenized when sufficient energy input results in a final product that resembles a mono-dispersion fluid, with no differentiation between separate components. The system is considered colloidal when one or more of the components has at least one dimension that is less than a micrometer (10-6 m). In liquid mixing, we can classify the various systems as Suspensions (Solid/Liquid), Emulsions (Liquid/Liquid) and Foams (Gas/Liquid).

IKA offers rotor-stator machines to ensure excellent dispersing results, good cleanability, and a long running life. Thanks to these characteristics as well as their easy-to-maintain design, the rotor-stator machines achieve a favorable cost-value ratio. During dispersing processes by means of rotor-stator systems, the crushing-efficient energy is introduced through specific rotating parts. IKA offers:

  • Single-stage dispersing with the ULTRA-TURRAX®
  • Three-stage dispersing with the DISPAX-REACTOR®
  • Dispersing with colloid mills
  • Dispersing with continuous solid-liquid mixers (type MHD)
  • Dispersing in the enrichment process with solid-liquid mixers (type CMS, DBI)

High shear mixers create an intense, concentrated energy input that can produce a superior dispersion in significantly less time than traditional mixing methods. Below are a few common applications that IKA® mixers are used to produce:

Products that are moderately difficult to homogenize can be produced with the Shear Pump SP, or Hi-Energy Disperser HED for continuous or semi-continuous processes, and with the Rototron RT or Turbotron RK/RF for batch processes. Difficult to homogenize products can be produced with the Ultra Turrax UTL or Dispax Reactor DR for continuous or semi-continuous processes, and with the Ultra Turrax UTC for batch processes.


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