Emulsifying (Liquid-Liquid Systems)

Emulsifying (Liquid-Liquid Systems) is the process of dispersing one liquid in a second immiscible liquid, such as oil dispersed in water. A colloidal suspension is a system comprising particles dispersed in a liquid that do not settle out of solution due to their extremely small size of less than one micrometer. In order to achieve the stable emulsion, a suitable amount of energy input is required to produce the droplet size that is necessary. A few examples of some common emulsions are:


Many emulsions are easily accomplished using moderate energy, and therefore, the Hi-Energy Disperser HED or Shear Pump SP is satisfactory for in-line processes, and the Rototron RT for batch processes. When the droplet size required is less then 10 microns, or sub-micron, higher energy input is required. In order to produce these smaller droplet sizes, or when the concentrations are high, IKA® offers the following mixers Ultra Turrax™ UTL, Dispax Reactor DR, Super Dispax Reactor DRS and Colloid Mill MK. Batch processing can be accomplished with the Ultra Turrax.


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