Dry Milling

IKA dry milling systems are a safe and efficient option for pulverizing and homogenizing materials. Increasing the total surface area through smaller particle sizes and thus influencing the technology of processes is an example of IKA Dry mill capability. Specializing in process technology, IKA considers pulverization in terms of more than just particle size reduction. A closer particle size distribution and the homogeneity of the substance or sample are also important.

Dry milling is faster and more cost-efficient than wet milling and eliminates the process step of first wetting out the product.

IKA dry mills work with the rotor-stator principle. The repeated milling of the substance in the milling chamber ensures a complete mixture and a thoroughly homogenous end-product, which is very important for analysis work.

IKA dry milling systems can process a wide range of materials, from hard, brittle substances such as coal, stone, plaster and granulates, to soft fibrous materials such as resins, rubber, plants and cellulose. The fields, in which, they are used are equally as diverse: They can be found in agriculture, construction and the chemical industry, as well as in pharmaceuticals and analysis sectors. The choice of machine depends on the materials to be processed.


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