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Versatile Modular Laboratory High-Sear Mixing Reactor – IKA Process Newsletter 08/2014

Dear Valued Customer,
IKA® high shear mixing technology offers a vast spectrum of innovative solutions for numerous laboratory- and industrial mixing applications. From low to ultra-high shear mixers, in-line mixers, batch mixers, colloid mills, solid-liquid mixers, and turnkey systems, IKA® offers innovative and proven technology that is specifically designed for the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and chemical industries.
magic LAB®

The magic LAB® is a new modular laboratory mixing system that gives the user the ability to test a wide variety of applications on a laboratory scale. With seven different mixing rotor stator heads, interchange-able mixing tools, and variable speed control, the versatility of the magic LAB® is unsurpassed!

  • Designed for: high shear mixing, homogenizing,dispersing,wet milling and incorporation of powders into liquids.
  • Ideal machine for inline-, circulating-, and batch mixing
  • Ensures reliable scale-up from formulation development to full production
  • Optimal results due to rotor tip speed up to 40 m/s

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magic PLANT | The most versatile laboratory reactor

The magic PLANT is an ideal laboratory scale process plant. This system is used for batch mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, and forming sample suspensions for capacities up to 2 liters. Whether it is involved with the manufacturing of liquids, pastes or powders – the magic PLANT delivers, enabling a seamless transition from product development to full production, a proven concept for selecting industrial mixers and mixing equipment.

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magic PLANT | Basic        General functions

  • Easy inside-check and filling of ingredients
  • Direct temperature measurement in the bottom of the vessel
  • Connection of the bottom outlet valve without piping and minimized dead space
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Swivelling lid and agitator drive for free access on the vessel
  • Vessel with double jacket for heating and cooling
  • Vessel insulation

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magic PLANT | Inline        General functions

  • System upgrade with a high shear inline disperser type IKA® magicLAB®
  • Modular system with exchangeable processing heads
  • Recirculation or one pass process
  • No additional pump required
  • Smallest scale simulation of the IKA production size machines

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