First-rate quality from initial consultation all the way to production

From the very start of your project IKA has been part of it and assists you during the planning stages through its realization by offering a multitude of services:

  • Designing entire production plants
  • Performing test runs when developing new products
  • Planning and implementing of mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic installations
  • Commissioning, including a test processing, and training the operating personnel
  • Qualification

After project completion, our experienced engineers, electricians, chemists, application technicians and assemblers will be available to assist you with:

  • Technical advice for questions concerning operation, process, and maintenance of IKA machines and plants
  • Spare parts service
  • Repair service
  • Reconstruction and upgrading


In addition to standard machines and units we offer individual procedural solutions for your specialized mixing tasks. Our long-standing experience in machine and plant construction for clients in varying application ranges as well as numerous innovations and advancements are the foundation for a successful collaboration.
Your tasks and process goals are the main priority for our experts and design engineers. We work with you to determine the criteria that are important for the development of your machine or plant. Meeting specific customer demands such as a design suited for the pharmaceutical industry or an explosion-proof execution is self-evident for us.

The desired dispersion degree of a mixture as well as the achieved quality and characteristics of the final product are already tested during the development phase at the IKA pilot plant station. We will gladly contribute to the optimization of your production processes and help you to prevent a loss of raw materials, unnecessary energy or time. If you decide on a turn-key plant, we will take care of the basic and detail engineering as well as the necessary coordination with sub-suppliers, including commissioning and training of your employees.

After Sales Support

IKA not only assists you in developing new products, during the engineering workup or processing of your order. Our After Sales Team of qualified application technicians, assemblers and electricians are there to support you after your machine has been delivered!

IKA services include:

  • Commissioning
  • Technical advice concerning operation, process and maintenance of IKA machines and plants
  • Training for your employees
  • Reconstruction and upgrading
  • Spare parts service
  • Repairs
  • Processing of warranties


According to GMP guidelines, pharmaceutical companies are required to validate processes that influence product quality. The applied machines and plants are subjected to a rigid qualification process. During this qualification it is tested and documented that the pre-specified functionality is achieved. As early as in the planning stages, IKA machines and units are designed to be suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry.
IKA will provide the necessary documentation and, if desired, will conduct the design, installation and operation qualification with you.


The scope of supply of our machines and plants can be extended with an electrical control system adapted to your specific requirements. IKA makes possible different levels of automation: from the simple on/off switch for a mixing machine up to the control / regulation of all components of the production line, fully automated recipe management, and complete batch documentation. The user-friendly design of all control panels quickly allows the users of IKA machines and plants to become familiar with the operation.

The electrical control via HMI allows:

  • Manual control of the components via touch-screen
  • Limit setting and monitoring
  • Alarm management including history storage
  • Safety interlocks
  • Trend function
  • Language selection

If the machine or plant is operated via a process control system (with an industrial PC) the fully automated control of all components is available. Various automation programs can be saved or loaded by accessing hard drives or other storage devices. In addition to data security, this allows a transfer of programs or parts of it to other machines of the same type. All targets and actual values can be recorded graphically over a certain period of time and can then be stored on the hard drive. Another possibility is the integration of a batch management which allows the data storage of each individual batch. Alarms are displayed in clear text and then stored. The history function allows the filtering, display and sorting of alarms by time, component and number.

Our solutions with a PLC (programmable logic controller) can be expanded with a remote interface to connect to an external system.

Our team of experienced specialists looks forward to installing and commissioning the machine or plant of your choice on site.


If you have any further questions regarding our products and services, our team of advisers will be happy to help:
+1 910 452 7059