IKA Mixing – Homogenizing – Dispersing – MHD


IKA Mixing – Homogenizing – Dispersing – MHD

When production quantities require a continuous process, the MHD 2000 can get the job done. Solids and liquids are instantaneously mixed and dispersed in one step, maintaining a dust free environment. The MHD accurately combines the solid and liquid, and disperses them into a homogeneous, final product. Tanks and other auxiliary equipment can often be eliminated, saving capital and operating expenses. The MHD has a unique, patented design that doesn’t require suction to draw in the powders, which essentially eliminates aeration. The MHD offers the greatest flexibility in production, and offers maximum product consistency. The MHD can also run in recirculation mode as an enrichment process. The MHD avoids bridging and aeration. Scalability is ensured by maintaining a constant tip speed of 23 m/s throughout the product range.


  • Vaccines
  • Decomposition of action
  • Substances
  • Colloidal solutions
  • Metal-oxide suspensions
  • Inks
  • Printing colors
  • Incorporation of pigments
  • Sub-micron emulsions
  • Greases, Lubricants
  • Graphite Slurries


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