IKA Process Technology CMX_EN2

The IKA CMX 2000 is an inline mixer for rapid and homogeneous incorporation of solids into liquids. The circulation of fluid creates a powerful vacuum in the machine that draws in the solids. This ensures an agglomerate free integration of problematic solids that are not easily incorporated into the liquid phase. The multi-level design also enables a stable level of functionality even when working with high viscosity. Specific tools can be used to achieve the optimum dispersing quality.

The 2-stage execution with pump and dispersion stage guarantees stable, high-level circulation, even when working with increasing viscosity. This enables extreme suction rates and minimal production times to be achieved.
The CMX is easily adapted to fit installation and process requirements, can be installed horizontally or vertically, has a low installation height, and has constant circumferential speeds at varying power frequencies.
Intelligent accessory components, such as a piston valve for isolating solids with a cleaning function and ability to automate the solid feed quantity.

The CMX is commonly used in a recirculation process. An appropriate quantity of solids is incorporated into a fixed volume of liquid using the inline device. The CMX offers a simple, functional and cost-efficient method of incorporating solids into liquids, without the need for additional dosing systems or pumps. In a highly efficient inline process, small volumes of solids are dispersed into a highly turbulent area free of agglomerates.

> Considerable reduction of manufacturing times
> Prevention of dust and solvent emissions due to enclosed system
> Reliable prevention of agglomerates
> Reduced raw material addition time through improved break down of raw materials
> Prevention of deposits in the container
> Self-regulating input of solids and liquids

Modular and flexible
Easily adapted to fit individual application requirements thanks to its modular design.
Clean in Place
Explosion proof

Depending on requirements, the solid material can be fed via a bulk bag unloader, a funnel, or directly from the bag via a suction wand.




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