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Solid-Liquid Mixers

IKA Machines and plants:

CMX (recirculation)
CMS (recirculation)
DBI (recirculation)
MHD (continuous)
Solid Liquid Turrax (SLT)

IKA inline powder wetting and dispersing machines provide fast, lump-free wetting and dispersing of various different powders, solids or granules in liquids. These machines offer the following advantages:

  • No dust or solvent emissions
  • Agglomerates and caking are prevented
  • Shorter production times
  • Improved and constant mixture quality
  • Efficient use of raw materials
  • Easy and fail-safe handling
  • Automation optionally available
  • Reliable scale-up of mixing processes from the lab to kilo lab and production
  • Compact design minimizes space requirements
  • Meets food and pharmaceutical production requirements
  • Easy installation/compatibility with existing plants

The two major product lines for incorporation of powders/solids into liquids are the MHD 2000 and the CMS 2000 series. The MHD (Multiple stage Homogenization Dispersion) is designed with a feed auger, which conveys and mechanically feeds powders/solids into a liquid pre-mix chamber where solids are thoroughly wetted and blended in the mixing section. This technology can be operated very precisely in a continuous or batch mode. The CMS (Continuous Mixing Suction) works on a venturi principal. The CMS unit can be operated in a batch or continuous mode. The CMS has a higher pumping rate of liquids, which causes an intense suction of powder at the inlet. Powder can be suctioned from a bag or feed hopper.


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