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IKA Machines and plants:
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IKA offers laboratory mixers for inline and batch processes. Our versatile and innovative designs are unparalleled in quality and functionality. Every IKA® laboratory mixer offers a wide variety of mixing tool options and accessories. Scale-up to production from the laboratory is achieved through consistent tip speeds and mixing tool geometries. Inline laboratory mixers can be equipped with a re-circulation loop and a vessel for simulating a batch or semi-continuous systems. Other accessories include a speed controller, dosing pumps, solids feeders and more. Batch mixers have an optional attachment that converts them into an inline mixer, and a wide variety of mixing tool options. Inline and batch mixers:

The IKA high shear mixer type magic LAB®, LABOR-PILOT and PROCESS-PILOT machines are perfectly suited for the optimization of product recipes and process parameters. The Pilots are characterized by the same specific energy input as the analogical IKA inline machines with higher flow rates. They enable the production of coarse and fine dispersions, lump and dust-free input of powder into liquids, as well as homogenous mixing. A vast array of accessories is available to convert these inline mixing machines into full lab and pilot mixing plants.

IKA pilot system Master Plant systems have batch capacities of 10, 25 and 50 liters, are designed for mixing and dispersing, and provide effective suction of solid and liquid additives. The plant was developed specifically for products with a high viscosity (of up to 100.000 mPas). Master Plant systems allow for high-quality emulsions and suspensions to be produced and degassed in a very short period of time.


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