Pilot Plant

From idea to solution

We work with you to optimize your current mixing tasks or to develop completely new solutions for the production of your products. The IKA Pilot Plant / Test Center allows us to simulate what will be put into effect later in your production process. We will help you determine the deciding parameters necessary to ensure the desired quality of the resulting product.

The IKA Pilot Plant consists of a vast array of different machines and plants, measuring and analytical devices and software. The Test Center has influenced the concept and design of many of our machines and their tools. Searching for a suitable machine for your application? At IKA Test Center you can test several mixing systems with a variety of tools. Our chemical engineers look forward to assisting and advising you during and after the experiments. This way an optimal solution for your specific mixing task can be determined.

You will be surprised at the results that can be achieved with IKA inline systems. Difficult mixing tasks that require multiple steps can be accomplished with a single pass through one system. Our experience, creativity and competence as well as a pleasant working environment will tremendously add to your success. Test before you buy!

Rental equipment

Not ready to have our equipment sent to you? Send your samples to us for proof of concept & in-house testing! Contact us today to schedule your test; process@ikausa.com.

A genuine IKA production machine is not only supposed to provide outstanding functioning and quality, but it must also be suitable for your particular application and process. Because IKA machines cover such a broad spectrum of applications, we realize that each task requires a unique approach. We also realize the significant investment involved in purchasing production machines and plants.

IKA trial machines allow for you to preview your machine decision on-site with your specific application. We offer flexible terms for use of our trial equipment: a user-defined term of lease, extension of rental period, and assistance with operating trial machines.

In the event that new question arises during the experiment, our application support team will be glad to offer you an advice.


magic LAB®

Unique and multifunctional small-scale laboratory machine. It is designed for mixing, dispersing, wet milling and incorporation of powders into liquids.

Labor / Process Pilot

Ideal pilot scale inline high shear mixer with identical parameters to the IKA 2000 series, thus ensuring reliable scale-up to full production.

magic PLANT

A laboratory scale process plant for batch mixing and emulsifying of low viscous masses up to masses just about capable of flowing.
In-house trials only.


Dry mill available in 3 different configurations; the cutting mill, the impact mill or the universal mill which allows for both impact and cutting.
In-house trials only.

Dispax Reactor (DR)

Multiple stage high shear mixer with up to three rotor-stator sets. Rotor/stator sets are interchangeable, and are offered in five types; 2P pumping, Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Super-Fine.

Ultra Turrax (UTL)

Single stage high shear mixer with one rotor-stator set. Rotor/stator sets are offered in five types; Shear pumping, Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Super-Fine.

Super Dispax Reactor (DRS)

Multiple stage ultra high shear mixer with up to 40 m/s tip speed. Rotor/stator sets are interchangeable, and are offered in five types; Shear pumping Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Super-Fine.


A patented design that uses a mechanical feed method, instead of a vacuum. The MHD can incorporate high concentrations of solids into liquids with very high viscosities.


This mixer uses a Venturi design to create a vacuum that pulls in the solids, either through a hopper, or a wand. It produces high flow rates, which are well suited for tank re-circulating arrangements, as well as tank-to-tank processes.



Ideal mixer for mixing Guar, Polyacrylamide based polymers and xanthan gum. The Solid-Liquid Turrax allows for higher powder concentrations, faster hydration rates and provides an enhanced quality of gels.

MK – Colloid Mill
A cone shaped rotor andstator has three stages with increasing teeth fineness for pre-milling, milling and fine milling. The gap between the rotor and stator is adjustable for adjusting the amount of milling required.

MKO – Cone Mill
A cone shaped rotor and stator has anabrasive coating that acts like a stone mill for ultra fine milling. The gap between the rotor and stator is adjustable for adjusting the amount of milling required.

MCD – Stone Disk Mill

The Corundum Disk Mill MCD2000 is an inline machine for milling. The cores of this machine are the two corundum disks. One is rotating and the other one is fixed. Available with different grains to adapt to the milling process.In-house trials only.


If you have any further questions regarding our products and services, our team of advisers will be happy to help:
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