IKA Works Newsletter – One Platform – 7 High Shear Mixing Technologies – Reliable Scalability – 12/2014



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IKA® process technology offers a vast spectrum of innovative solutions for numerous laboratory and industrial scale applications. From low to extreme high shear mixers, in-line mixers, batch mixers, colloid mills and turnkey systems, IKA® offers innovative and proven technology that is specifically designed for the unique requirements of any industry.
magic LAB®

The magic LAB® is a new modular laboratory mixing system that gives the user the ability to test a wide variety of applications on a laboratory scale. With seven different mixing heads, interchangeable mixing tools and variable speed control, the versatility of the magic LAB® is unsurpassed!

      • Designed for: mixing, dispersing, wet milling and incorporation of powders into liquids
      • Ideal machine for continuous, circulating and batch processing
      • Ensures reliable scale-up from formulation development to full production
      • Optimal results due to rotor tip speed up to 40 m/s

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Inline High Shear Mixers

Dispax Reactor

IKA offers a wide range of modular, expandable reactor systems designed to optimize complex applications,especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with capacity to process 0.5 – 500 gpm. Machines are self draining and CIP/SIP capable. Stainless Steel execution available upon request.

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One Platform – Several Different Technologies!


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