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IKA process technology offers a vast spectrum of innovative solutions for numerous industrial scale applications. From low to extreme high shear mixers, in-line mixers, batch mixers, colloid mills and turnkey systems, IKA offers innovative and proven technology that is specifically designed for the unique requirements of any industry.

IKA Multiple Stage Mixers

IKA offers a wide range of modular, expandable reactor systems designed to optimize complex applications, especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with capacity to process 0.5 – 550 gpm. Machines are self draining and CIP / SIP capable. Stainless Steel execution available upon request.
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The ULTRA TURRAX® series 1000 is an especially versatile machine for the mixing, dispersing (emulsifying / suspending) and homogenizing of solid and liquid products such as creams, lotions, beverages, edible oils, or bio-diesel.


Additional Characteristics

  1. > interchangeble mixing tools
  2. > no bypassing
  3. > low noise level
  4. > excellent operational safety
  5. > high efficiency
  6. > low investment
  7. > production of high quality long term stable dispersions
  8. > machines available with single or double mechanical seal


IKA Information

IKA manufactures two major product lines for the incorporation of powders/solids into liquids; the MHD 2000 and the CMX 2000 series.

The MHD is designed with a feed auger, which mechanically feeds solids into a liquid pre-mix chamber where solids are thoroughly wetted and blended in the mixing section.

The CMX works on a venturi principal. It can be operated in a batch or continuous mode. It has a higher pumping rate of liquids, which causes an intense suction of solids at the inlet.

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