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/// Third edition 2016

Here it is, the third edition of our specials. This time around, the big surprise is our powerful, high-performance Pilotina dry mill, which we can now offer to you at an extremely attractive price.

The IKA Pilotina is a pilot plant scale dry mill available in three different versions. A particular highlight is our Pilotina MU: One machine. Two milling principles. We hope you have a great time browsing through our latest special.




Pilotina MC

Pilotina MC package offer

/// The cutting mill system
SPECIAL OFFER Pilotina MC› incl. universal funnel› incl. cutting mill stator› incl. parallel cut rotor

+ application test in the pilot plant

+ packaging and transport

The design of our Pilotina MC guarantees exceptional milling quality, precisely defined end fineness and enables quick and easy cleaning.

$ 22,682.0020,413.80

Pilotina MI

Pilotina MI package offer

/// The impact milling system
SPECIAL OFFER Pilotina MI› incl. impact mill funnel› incl. impact mill stator› incl. impact mill rotor

+ application test in the pilot plant

+ packaging and transport

Due to the geometry of the milling chamber and the fast rotating impact rotor, the ground material is milled within the shortest time in the desired end fineness. High-quality surfaces make cleaning easier after the milling process.

$ 24,787.00

$ 22,308.30

Pilotina MU

Pilotina MU package offer

/// The 2-in-1 universal dry mill
SPECIAL OFFER Pilotina MU› incl. universal funnel and impact mill funnel› incl. cutting mill stator and impact mill stator› incl. parallel cut rotor and impact mill rotor

+ application test in the pilot plant

+ packaging and transport

If you have a wide variety of milling tasks, and need a cutting mill as well as an impact mill, the Pilotina MU 2-in-1 universal dry mill is the ideal choice for you. The modular design allows an easy modification from impact to cutting mill and vice versa within the shortest time. Your advantage: one machine, two milling principles, all this without making any compromise regarding disintegration quality. In addition, the Pilotina MU is equipped with a stronger motor. Through the faster rotor speed, more energy gets introduced to the ground material and thus, particles are milled clearly very fast.

$ 32,726.00

$ 29,453.40


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