High Shear Mixer Solutions for Hydrocolloids

High Shear Mixer Solutions for Hydrocolloids

The family of ingredients known as hydrocolloids includes a number of gums or thickening agents which are found in a wide variety of foods, examples of hydrocolloids include: alginates, carrageenan, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), gelatin, guar gum, gum arabic, locust bean gum, pectin, starch, and xanthan gum. Although these materials are derived from a variety of sources, the challenge of effectively hydrating them is common to all. Hydrocolloids have a propensity to form agglomerates (i.e. lumps, fish-eyes, etc) where a layer of partially hydrated material coats and protects the dry powder in the center. Conventional methods require an experienced operator, long process times, and often filtration to achieve a smooth product. Rarely is full hydration ever achieved with a conventional process. Users of IKA® Works equipment have discovered that the solution to these challenges is to use a high shear mixer.


  • Rapid process time. The intense shear exerted by an IKA® rotor stator mixer ensures that any agglomerates that may form are rapidly broken down, exposing the full surface are of the powder to the liquid. Thus, operators may add powders faster and hydration occurs more rapidly.
  • Decreased operator input. IKA® Works CMS and MHD mixers will feed the powder into the liquid at a controlled rate, inline. Systems may be fully automated and include all ancillary equipment including pumps, powder feed systems, PLC controls, etc.
  • Reduced production costs. Hydrocolloids are often one of the most expensive ingredients, per pound, added to a recipe. The complete hydration experienced with an IKA® Mixer reduces waste and often results in a reduction in raw material requirements. Gum manufacturers also offer “easy to disperse” versions of popular hydrocolloids at a price premium. IKA® Works Mixers are capable of hydratingany gum, allowing manufacturers to purchase a less expensive grade of the hydrocolloid.



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