High Shear Mixer Solutions for Beverages

High Shear Mixer Solutions for Beverages

Beverage manufacturers are ideal candidates to benefit from IKA® Works High Shear Mixing Technology. Applications include dispersion of nutritional supplements (i.e. calcium or other vitamins and minerals), dissolving sugar or other artificial sweeteners (i.e. base syrups for sodas), hydration of gums (improve mouth-feel, stabilize emulsions), hydrate flavoring or other additives (i.e. milk and cocoa powders in chocolate milk), and reduce particle size or pulp solids. This wide range of applications requires a mixer that can be adapted to a diverse range of processes, in other words the IKA® Works 2000 Series.


  • Nutritional Supplements:
    Improved product quality. These additives are often difficult to disperse and suspend. IKA® Mixers input significant energy into the product, assuring a uniform, stable dispersion.
  • Decreased process time. IKA® Works equipment allows customers to quickly and effectively add solids including inline, single pass designs!
  • Dissolving Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners:
  • Reduced heat / cooling requirements. Manufacturers must often heat the liquid to adequately dissolve the sugar when using conventional methods. IKA® Mixers high shear action allow the sweeteners to be dissolved at ambient temperature.
  • Reduced process time. Conventional methods often require hours of blending time to dissolve the sweeteners. IKA® Works High Shear Mixers not only significantly reduce the dissolving time by increasing the surface area of the solids exposed to the liquid, but also reduce the time required for heating.
  • Hydration of gums:
  • Reduced raw materials requirements. Manufacturers must often add larger percentages of gums and filter the final product due to the poor hydration common with conventional mixing techniques. IKA® Works Mixers ensure complete hydration / ingredient functionality and the high shear mixing action eliminates lumps, agglomerates, or fish-eyes. Thus, the percentage of gums may often be decreased and filtration eliminated, while maintaining product quality.
  • Hydration of flavorings or other additives:
  • Decreased production time. IKA® Works technology allows customers to blend powders into liquids inline, often in a single pass.
  • Reduced aeration. IKA® manufactures systems which allow rapid incorporation of solids into liquids without aeration or foaming.
  • Reducing particle size / pulping solids:
  • Improved product consistency. IKA® Works Mixers can handle a wide range of initial particle sizes and through the use of various Generators produce the desired size reduction within a narrow distribution.
  • Reduced capital costs. Due to the versatility of IKA® Works Mixers, a single unit may perform the functions currently done with several other machines.



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