High Shear Mixer Solutions for Dressings and Sauces

High Shear Mixer Solutions for Dressings and Sauces

Dressings and sauces may take many forms and consistencies from thick bleu cheese dressings to light soy sauces to low calorie versions. The challenges to the manufacturer often include dispersing a gum or other thickening agent, emulsifying oil and water phases, dispersing spices or additives, and possibly milling solids (i.e. spices).

IKA® Works range of high quality mixing equipment is ideally suited to all of the above applications. We will address these in terms of dispersing the thickening agent, forming an emulsion, and dispersing / milling spices or other additives.

Smoothly dispersing and hydrating a thickening agent is one of the most difficult powder / liquid mixing applications for a food processor. These powders often form difficult to disperse agglomerates (lumps) when exposed to water. These agglomerates often take hours of process time, filtration, or application of a high shear mixer to remove. The application of a high shear mixer is the preferred method, as this results in faster process times, increased product utilization, and improved product quality. The intense shear created in a rotor / stator mixer (click on Tech Info tab for more information) breaks down these agglomerates exposing a greater surface area of the gum to the liquid phase. Thus, hydration is improved, production time is reduced, and the need for filtration is eliminated.

Emulsions are formed when two immiscible liquids are dispersed within one another. The phases (commonly oil and water) will quickly separate unless the droplet size of the liquids are reduced sufficiently. The exact droplet size required will depend on the particular characteristics of the product, but will often require use of a high shear mixing device to obtain. IKA® Works manufacturers mixers suitable for producing any type of emulsion from coarse (relatively large droplet size) to extremely fine (sub micron droplet size). IKA® Works rotor / stator mixers utilize multiple rows of rotor and stator teeth and up to three distinct stages, assuring droplet size reduction. We also offer colloid mills for even higher energy input. These devices also have three distinct shear zones and allow the operator to fine tune the shear rate with a simple adjustment.

Dispersing and / or milling a spice or other additive is another area where IKA® Works Mixers benefit food processors. Customers may select a coarse or medium shear Generator to rapidly disperse solids without degredation of particle size. However, many companies would like to purchase spices unground and wet grind them during addition to their product. This allows the customer to save money on the raw material, while getting the most flavor (think of purchasing ground or whole bean coffee). IKA® Works selection ofGenerators and colloid mills allow a customer to tune their IKA® Mixer to produce the perfect particle size for whatever spice they are blending into whatever dressing or sauce(s) they may manufacture.


  • Smooth, agglomerate free dispersion and hydration of gums without need for filtration.
  • Reduced raw material costs through full hydration of gums and ability to wet grind spices on site.
  • Stable emulsions and suspensions increase shelf life and improve visual appeal to consumers.
  • Perfect grind and dispersion of spices or other additives allow manufacturers to produce a product with a fresher taste.



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