Standard Production Plant (SPP) Image

Standard Production Plant (SPP)

Proven and precise technology at its best The approved “Standard Production Plant” SPP is the IKA® solution for the processing of emulsions and suspensions in many fields of application. It is available in 8 sizes ranging from 25 to 4,000 liters capacity. The SPP is an innovative and highly advanced, yet cost-efficient mixing plant used for all standard process operations such as mixing, stirring, homogenizing and dispersing. Its simple design ensures an easy operation with low space requirements, especially in height. Advanced mixing equipment guarantees a constant product quality. Options such as vacuum degassing, double jacket for heating or cooling and ports for the additive incorporation and sampling make the SPP an ideal machine for the complete product manufacturing sequence. Flexible and easy to customize to the specific application, the SPP can be used e. g. for cosmetic creams and lotions in the cosmetic and pharma industry, for mayonnaise or dressings in the food industry, for suspensions and emulsions in the chemical industry, as well as for production of paints and lacquers.


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