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Don’t slurry it up – New IKA Solid-Liquid Dynamic Mixer Videos – IKA Process Newsletter 02/2015


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IKA® process technology offers a vast spectrum of innovative solutions for numerous industrial scale powder-liquid applications. From inline auger mechanical feed solid-liquid mixers to batch/recirculation suction feed solid-liquid mixers, IKA® offers innovative and proven technology that is specifically designed for the unique requirements of any industry.
Solid-Liquid Mixers – MHD

The MHD is designed with a feed auger, which mechanically feeds solids into a liquid pre-mix chamber where solids are thoroughly wetted and blended in the mixing section. It accurately combines the solid & liquid and disperses them into a homogenous final product. Depending on the product, high solids flows of up to 80% in one pass is possible.

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Solid-Liquid Turrax – SLT 2000

The Solid Liquid Turrax is designed to mix high absorbent natural or synthetic solids up to 7% by weight in a continuous process. The principle is to create a very high jet-stream-like velocity prior to the high shear dispersing area, which prevents clogging and enables a 24/7 process.

Features of the SLT Powder Hydration Mixer are higher powder concentrations, faster hydration rates, enhanced quality of gels and reduced equipment profile.

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Solid-Liquid Mixers – CMSThe CMS works on a venturi principal. It can be operated in a batch or continuous mode. It has a higher pumping rate of liquids, which causes an intense suction of solids at the inlet. Vacuum is created and used to transport the powder. The CMS is ideal for dust-free powder handling and the mixing of the solid & liquid occurs directly in the shear zone.The IKA CMS is great for effective mixing, homogenizing and for de-agglomeration.

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